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Agong urges politicians to focus on development, not power struggle

29 January 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News


KUALA LUMPUR: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has warned that the country is at great risk of being left behind by its regional competitors if politicians continue to engage in intense power struggle and destabilize the government.


His Majesty, who is the constitutional monarch and head of state of Malaysia, stressed the importance of having a strong and stable government to ensure economic growth and attract more international investors.


Frequent changes of the government, the prime minister, or ministers, may lead to significant policy changes in the administration, which would deter foreign investors who want to see a stable country


"Foreign investors are closely observing this. They want to see a stable country. Malaysia is competing with other Asian countries in a highly competitive environment.


"If we don't (get our act together), we will be left behind," said Al-Sultan Abdullah, according to The Star.


His Majesty said without political stability, it will also be hard to create job opportunities for the people.


"We cannot afford to have an unstable country. We want to increase job opportunities, but who will create these?


"Besides the need to have a stable government, we need investment, and investors (who) bring significant investments to create many job opportunities," added Tuanku.


"Domestic investments also require a stable government. For instance, if we request Project A, but it takes about six months to a year just to get approval, then it's over; they (the investors) will go elsewhere," the King said.


His Majesty explained that if there is a change of government, there will likely be a change of officers from the bottom to the top.


"If there is a government that keeps changing, I know and (have seen) this already, when this minister enters a certain ministry, the minister will take another approach (from their predecessor).


"If the minister does not like an officer, for instance, the officer will be replaced, and everything needs to be changed, not only at the top, but also at the bottom level.


"This will slow down the administrative process.


"In many aspects, and I appeal if you can understand what I am saying: changing the government doesn't mean it will bring stability or guarantee anything for that matter," said Al-Sultan Abdullah, who urged politicians to "move on" following chatter of the so-called Dubai Move.


"We should not speculate on anything. I do not know whether there is any truth to it or not.


"We should let the government continue to govern the country; politicians should not engage in too much politicking.


"To all the politicians, please reduce politicking, and focus on developing the economy, boosting harmony among the people, and uniting all races.


"Let's not be parochial and narrow-minded. That's a sacred piece of advice.


"I will feel sad to leave if I see the people are not united, and I hope this can be addressed," Al-Sultan Abdullah added.


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