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Allow tamu to open to help rural people’s economy, Warisan tells govt

25 Sept 2021 By Wartawan Nabalu News KOTA KINABALU: Warisan has urged the government to allow tamu (ground market) to be opened in order to help the economy of rural villagers. In a statement today, its Vice President Datuk Junz Wong said, the economic situation of the rural villagers should not be neglected. "The tamus throughout Sabah is not only a distinct uniqueness of the state. It is also a main income for many rural villagers, whereby their produces are sold to make a living. "In short, it is a main source of income for traditional farmers, planters and breeders," said Junz, adding that the villagers depend on the income for a living. Junz who is the former State Agriculture and Food Industry Minister stated, if malls can be opened, there is no reason that tamus cannot be opened. "If enclosed areas like malls can be opened, why can't an open space and open area like tamus be opened? "All the government has to do is think outside the box and prepare the necessary Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) like temperature checks, sanitizers and so forth." Junz also expressed his concerns over the dire economic situation. "Since last year, I have warned the government to avoid having two crises, namely a health crisis and an economic crisis. "If the health crisis cannot be solved, at the very least avoid an economic crisis. My worry is that Sabahans will end up having both a health and an economic crisis. "If not handled properly, an economic crisis may even cause more harm to more Sabahans than the health crisis ever did," he asserted.


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