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Assemblyman touch grassroots during Harvest Festival

4 May 2024


KOTA BELUD: The Harvest Festival at Kg Melangkap Tomis was enhanced with the generosity of Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick who presented RM10k to build a communal kitchen at the Community Hall.

The funds were received by Roubin Tingkaian the UPKO branch chairman.

During the event, Ewon reassured the community of his unwavering dedication to their welfare, emphasizing that despite not always being physically present, he remains deeply concerned about his constituents.

He acknowledged receiving complaints about the poor road conditions and said he will be addressing the issue promptly. Additionally, Ewon highlighted his commitment to resolving the long-standing land grants matter, starting with those in Kiau and progressively extending the resolution to other affected areas.

"I have raised these l matters in the State Assembly recently," he affirmed, illustrating his effort to advocate for the community's needs at a higher legislative level.

Ewon who is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives (MEDC) said in two weeks time he will launch a special allocation for Tourism Cooperatives.

He said if there are Tourism Cooperatives there, funds could be channelled to assist them whether it be towards building a hall, accommodation or grocery shops among others.

He encouraged the community leaders there to discuss and form a Cooperative whether it be a tourism Cooperatives or a village cooperative.

"You have Rafflesia here which can be promoted,"he said adding that they can carry out their businesses without a cooperative but he will not be able to channel funds through cooperative development.

He stressed that several cooperative had been assisted thus far, adding that it only needed five people to form a cooperative.

In addition to the RM10,000 allocated for the communal kitchen, Ewon extended his support by presenting RM5,000 to Victor Langkon for sports and youth activities. Furthermore, he generously provided RM2,000 to Lotimah Suwanti to facilitate her attendance at a conference in the State capital.

The event was attended by residents from in and around the village, who presented dance performances that showcased their traditional pride.


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