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25 JAN 2021

KUALA LUMPUR: Social media users are warned to be vigilant and wary of scammers and hackers while using their online platforms especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Chairman of Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum of Malaysia Datin Mohana Mohariff said reports and daily statistics from the authorities show that cybercrimes such as fraud, hacking and identity theft are showing an upward trend.

Thus, to reduce the problem, she said social media users must be proactive in enhancing their online security.

“Some important tips to maintain online security include updating all software and firmware on devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and home routers.

“Users must also change their default passwords and use strong ones instead, and be sceptical in clicking or responding to peculiar email addresses, messages or links,” she said in a statement here today.

She also advised users to use two-factor authentication as another identification measure other than having password or single-use authentication to access their accounts.

Social media users are also urged to install powerful antivirus software for their devices, other than the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to prevent data traffic spying or interruption, she added. -Bernama

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