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19 July 2021

By Ilona Andrew

PENAMPANG: Residents of Beverly Hills Phase 3 Apartment have been experiencing water woes for the past five days and they are running out of patience.

They said the water disruption has remained a persistent problem for a while and they feel that something fishy might be going on.

"We have been facing this issue since 2019, even replaced the old pipes, but the disruption still goes on until today.

"When we confronted the management about this, we were told that the problem rooted back to the Sabah Water Department (JANS).

"And when we asked JANS about this, we were told there was nothing wrong with our water supplies. So what is going on?" said one of the residents, Kenny Low.

Another resident Stephanie Goh said while the management did notify them of the certain times for when the water supply is available, it rarely follows the schedule.

"The availability of water supply was scheduled from 5am to 8am, 12pm to 1.30pm, and 6pm to 9pm.

"But yesterday, there was no water at all from to 12pm to 7pm. The management clearly did not adhere to the schedule," said the resident of more than 10 years.

Meanwhile, Mac Gabriel Liew lamented that it has always been toilsome when it comes to addressing the issue to the management via phone calls or messages.

"It is sometimes really hard to communicate with the management because they wouldn't answer our call, even during working hours.

"Alternatively, we would notify them about the issue via WhatsApp. But even so, our messages are always ignored," he revealed.

Just like him, Esther Koh too has been ignored by the management multiple times whenever she tried to bring up the matter.

"Another thing that always irks the residents is that the management would send the notices via WhatsApp only to a few of them, leaving many unprepared about incoming water disruptions.

"We are tired of suffering like this. The management should really act proactively on these prolonged water woes. " she urged.


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