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BKD award ceremony honours contributions of Kadazandusun language advocates

4 December 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: The inaugural Kadazandusun Language Teachers' Award Ceremony (BKD) aims to honor the contributions of language advocates.

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Datuk Ewon Benedick said.

As President of the United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO), he emphasised that the event aligns with the party's commitment as pioneers of the Kadazandusun language.

"This kind of ceremony is a recognition of individuals who have made significant contributions to the Kadazandusun language advocacy. The collaboration of various parties, including the People's Bank Foundation (YBR), in making this programme successful, demonstrates the enduring spirit of 'mitabang' within our community.

"We extend our gratitude to YBR for consistently fulfilling their mandate of expanding services throughout the country," he said during his speech at the Kadazandusun Language Teachers' Award Ceremony and Recognition of Kadazan & Dusun Language Advocates, held at SICC yesterday.

During the ceremony, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok was awarded the Language Advocacy Icon (Gaa' Huguan Manampasi Sunduvan Boos 2023).

He is an experienced Kadazan leader in the field of politics and government administration in Sabah. His dedication and experience in government have resulted in the inclusion of Kadazandusun language instruction in primary schools since 1994 and in secondary schools since 2006.

Tan Sri Bernard is one of the pioneers and key figures in the establishment of the Kadazandusun Language Foundation (KLF) in 1994.

He is also actively involved in efforts to promote Kadazandusun literary works through organising novel writing competitions in the Kadazandusun language, which has now become one of KLF's flagship programmes. The winner of this competition will be awarded the 'Tan Sri Bernard G. Dompok Literary Award' (Gaa' Koponuatan Novel Tan Sri Bernard G. Dompok).

During the ceremony, awards were presented in three categories.

For Category A, the BKD Teacher Icon Award (Gaa' Mongingia' di Kohimuntu 2023) was presented to Priscilla Moses Gukim, the Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum at SK Putaton, Inobong.

She is one of the BKD novel writers organised by the Kadazandusun Language Foundation (KLF) and the author of workbooks published by KLF.

The recipient of the BKD Teacher Icon Award (Gaa' Mongingia' di Okreatif 2023) is Alfredo Albert, a teacher from SK Penangah, Telupid.

He is highly creative in producing 'BKD Subject Support Materials' on the YouTube platform titled 'Susuyan Giuk om Bilu'. He is also the illustrator of three storybooks or 'Buuk Susuyan' published by IPG Kent in 2022.

Other recipients include Velter Jailih, SK Pekan Tambunan (Gaa' Mongingia' di Katama' 2023), Cynthiana John from SK Malawa, KK (Gaa' Mongingia' di Huuhundu' 2023), and Dr. Rosie Johnny, an Academic Lecturer in the Kadazandusun Language Department at IPG Kent Tuaran (Gaa' Mongingia' di Odinamik 2023).

For Category B, the Community Class Educator Award (Gaa' Popoingkavas Kobu'on Boos 2023) is awarded to Camilla Anthony from Kg. Kipouvo, Penampang.

She is the pioneer in establishing the Community Learning Centre (CLC) in Kg. Kipouvo, Penampang on August 18, 1993, and continues to serve as an educator to this day. She uses the Kadazandusun language as the medium of instruction at the CLC and is involved in the publication of books such as "Buuk Kalaja' Doid Boros Kadazandusun" (Poguhu mugad sikul) in 2009, "Takanon Koubasanan" (2015), and the large book "Monubo Sada' dan "Mongintutun do Wulan" in 2022.

Other recipients of the Community Class Educator Award include Eugine Juani (Kg. Kipouvo, Penampang), Jita Gosungkit (Kg. Togudon, Penampang), Rita Manuel (Kg. Togudon, Penampang), Josphen Joannes (Kg. Tampasak, Penampang), Rufina Koyou (Kg. Kepayan, Penampang), and Tongotiagak Regina Bruno.

The Language Dignification Recognition Award 2023 (Gaa' Kapantangan Pinoposungkad Sunduvan Boos 2023) is awarded to Wilfred Mojilis, the Language Dignity Recognition Award 2023 (Gaa' Kapantangan Pinoposungkad Sunduvan Boos 2023) is given to Peter Lidadun, and the Language Dignity Recognition Award 2023 is posthumously bestowed upon Datuk Fred Sinidol.


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