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6 JAN 2021

By Jonathan Nicholas

KOTA KINABALU: The State National Registration Department (NRD) reminds customers to book their appointment slots online.

The digital leap has increased work efficiency said Sabah NRD director Khairrul Aminus, minimizing crowds and subsequent potential virus infections.

"No doubt the change has been hard on folks especially those from rural areas without internet access or the technologically unsavvy. Urban area residents however are more understanding.

"Nevertheless, the NRD will help and prioritize those who come from the rural area. We will never neglect those who had made such a long trip. We pledge to serve all," he told reporters at a press conference here, today.

While walk-ins are no longer being entertained, many still try their luck in queue and it works half of the time when the day isn't as hectic according to Khairrul.

He added all 28 NRD branches in Sabah have resumed operations at 100 per cent capacity with over 500 active staff.

"The NRD deals with 200 unique customers daily and it is highly encouraged that all transactions be completed with e-payment services.

"We have been using online appointments since the Movement Control Order was first implemented in March to help those with identification card issues. This is nothing new.

"This is the 'new normal' in line with the federal government but as I see it, Sabah and Sarawak need special care throughout the process," he said.


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