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Bridge, a much-awaited infrastructure in Babagon

21 June 2024


PENAMPANG: Kampung Timpangoh and Kampung Lutung, located in the beautiful region of Babagon, are home to hardworking farmers who are involved in planting and selling lemon grass and galangal, as well as rubber tappers and vegetable farmers. These dedicated individuals have to cross the river to transport their bountiful produce to the other side, where buyers await. Sometimes buyers come to their farm to buy their produce in bulk.

However, when they need to go to town or weekly tamu or market to sell their wares, their journey is not without obstacles. They have to rely on a low-level crossing route which become treacherous when fast-flowing water rushes over it during floods. This makes it impossible for the farmers to make their way across, hindering their ability to sell their valuable crops and support their livelihoods.

Headman Monis Africa Gimbun shares that hope arrived in the form of the Penampang Member of Parliament; Datuk Ewon Benedick who recognises the struggles faced by these industrious farmers. In a remarkable act of support, the MP who is also the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative made it possible for a sturdy concrete bridge to be built, spanning an impressive length of 90 meters. He carried out a groundbreaking ceremony recently and officially launched the construction of the RM16.8 million bridge.

He says the new bridge which is expected to be completed within two years not only ensures safe passage for the farmers but also brings a sense of security and reassurance to the entire community. They will no longer they have to worry about being cut off from their markets during times of heavy rainfall or flooding.

“With this vital infrastructure in place, the farmers of Kampung Timpangoh and Kampung Lutung can now confidently transport their lemon grass and galangal, enabling them to expand their businesses and provide for their families,” he shares.

The impact of this concrete bridge goes beyond facilitating the movement of goods. It signifies progress, development, and a commitment to the well-being of the people. It is a symbol of unity, bridging not just physical gaps but also fostering stronger connections within the community.

When the new bridge is completed, it will serve as a testament to the power of collaboration and the belief in the potential of rural communities. The farmers of Kampung Timpangoh and Kampung Lutung will be equipped with a reliable means of crossing the river, and continue to thrive and contribute to the agricultural landscape of Babagon.

“Kampung Timpangoh and Kampung Lutung, as well as other villages that utilise the bridge will forever be grateful for the MP’s commitment to their well-being,” he shares adding that when this new bridge is completed the farmers can embark on a journey of prosperity, knowing that their hard work and dedication will not be hindered by the ebb and flow of the river.

Monis shares that there are needs for various other developments that can significantly improve the lives of villagers in the area, such as the provision of a gravity pipeline system to supply water to every house.

Currently, the existing pipeline is only one inch in diameter, and Monis suggests that upgrading it to a two-inch pipe would greatly enhance the water supply. He further explains that a water source located approximately 12 kilometers away could meet their needs, and he hopes that the relevant authorities will help with this.

According to Monis, there are still areas in the village that lack access to electricity and he believes as electricity has become a fundamental necessity in today's modern age, everyone should have access to a reliable electricity supply to meet their daily needs and improve their quality of life.

He also expresses his desire for a clinic to be established near the bridge. He believes having a clinic nearby will help alleviate congestion at the district clinic and provide villagers with faster access to medical attention and consultation.

Be that as it may, the completion of the bridge that will benefit more than 5000 people there is much awaited by everyone, Monis says, reiterating his thanks and appreciation to Ewon for his dedicated service to his constituency.


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