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6 Feb 2021

KOTA KINABALU: Road users will be happy to know that the bridge at Kampung Mook Kinarut has been repaired.

Limbahau Community Development Leader Datuk Johnny Mositun said the repair works were carried out by the concessionaire on Saturday.

“I brought a representative from the concessionaire to the site last month to show him the issues with the bridge and urge that action be taken to address the problem,” Mositun said in a statement today.

The bridge has been repaired and Mositun said he also brought the concessionaire to see the issue of the road near the community hall in Kampung Mook as the area can get quite muddy when it rains.

Mositun who is also PBS Vice President said the company is looking into ways to seal the road near the community hall and the works will be carried out in the near future.

“Our gratitude goes to the Public Works Department (PWD) for acting quickly to the complaint about the bridge,” he said.

He also urged residents in Limbahau to be patient with regards to the other basic infrastructure as the relevant authorities are now on the ground assessing the damages.

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