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‘Don’t talk about city status if common problems in Sandakan remain unresolved’

14 Nov 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

SANDAKAN: Tanjong Papat Assemblyman Datuk Frankie Poon asserted that prolonged common problems in Sandakan should be resolved first before talking about changing its status to ‘city’.

He said one of the problems that have not been getting the authorities’ attention are the ones at the Central Market.

“During my visits on previous occasions, we were made aware of the broken down gutters at the upper floor as well as the broken downlights and fans in the market.

“We had submitted complaints to the officers concerned but the broken down gutters and electrical items remain unreplaced, unrepaired and dysfunctional.

“This is a very simple run-of-the-millwork that should be fixed automatically without receiving complaints from the hawkers. It is a part of the daily chores of the local authority. Why is such a simple fix and repair work so difficult for MPS to rectify?” he said in a statement today.

Poon who is also Sabah DAP acting chief stated that MPS officers are tasked to be at the Central Market every day but common and regular problems remain unresolved for months, if not years.

“How can we talk about changing Sandakan status to that of a "City"? Or even becoming a smart city?” he questioned.

He also mentioned that there is a collapsed road at the seafront entrance leading to the minibus station which has been highlighted to the authority previously.

“Yet, the hole at the collapsed road is getting much bigger as there is an underground drain. Why can't such simple problems be fixed in the quickest time? What are the Councillors and officers in MPS doing?

“This makes me recall the reason why every Council should have elected councilors rather than appointed ones,” he said.

Poon hence called on the relevant minister to pay close attention to all the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of the maintenance work.

“Of course, a Smart City or whatever is beneficial to the inhabitants of the constituents are good, but this should be complemented by a good SOP on maintenance of the constituency. Otherwise, it's just a waste of money and a half-baked project.”


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