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Datuk Ewon Benedick

12 Mar 2021

By Marryan Razan

KOTA BELUD: Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick has called on the state government to reopen Kadamaian Square Hall for its ‘tamu’ and other economic activities for the constituents.

He said the Kadamaian Assembly Service Centre had been monitoring the economic activities of the people in Pekan Kecil Taginambur for the past three weeks and found that economic activities in the area were getting more well-received.

However, he asserted that the area was relatively narrow and the limited space makes it difficult for sellers and buyers to practice the social distancing new norm.

Kadamaian Square

“Therefore, I suggest that Kadamaian Square be opened and used for the people's economic activities so that compliance of social distancing and standard operating procedures (SOP) is easier to implement.

“It is also more conducive and gives a lot of comfort to the people. I believe the layout of the SOP for this purpose can be set, "he said in a letter dated today, addressed to the District Officer and Chairman of the Kota Belud District Council.

According to Ewon, the letter had also been extended to the Sabah Local Government and Housing Minister's Office for consideration.

"The Kadamaian Assembly Service Centre and our volunteers are ready to help as SOP guides if the Kota Belud District Council needs assistance to enable the Kadamaian Square Hall be opened for the people's economic activities," he said.


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