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13 July 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA BELUD: Kadamaian State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick inspected the vaccination programme of the constituents at Kadamaian Square today.

He said the programme was implemented under the Ministry of Health (MOH)'s outreach programme which aims is to provide vaccines outside of the Kota Belud Vaccination Centre (PPV).

Apart from Kadamaian Square, the Covid-19 Vaccination Outreach Programme has also been implemented in Kg Lasau, while three other villages have also been selected for the same programme, namely Kg. Sayap, Kg. Kiau and Kg. Kaung.

" I was informed that 500 people in Kadamaian will receive their first vaccine dose today. All of them are Kadamaian constituents who have registered for the vaccination before.

"Tomorrow, another 472 people will also receive their first jab," he said in a statement today.

Ewon really hopes that more people will receive the Covid-19 vaccine to ensure herd immunity can be achieved.

“We also urge the government to ramp up its efforts so that Sabah receives more vaccine supplies.

"Those who have received the jabs are the ones who will campaign for others to register for the vaccine," he added.

On behalf of the people of Kadamaian, Ewon expressed his gratitude to MOH, Kota Belud District Office and all those involved in the vaccination programme in the constituency.

Besides that, he donated food packs to all vaccine recipients today. He said those who will receive their vaccines tomorrow are also entitled for the food packs


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