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At Kampung Lakut, Papar.

17 JAN 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Residents in several areas in Sabah have had a sleepless night last night when floodwaters rose and submerged their houses after a day of continuous downpour since yesterday.

Today, as of 4pm, rain in several areas was still pouring down. It was reported that up to nine districts and 153 villages are affected.

Athelia Cassandra Ignatius from Kampung Lakut, Papar said the floodwater that entered her house this time is up to waist level, however, the situation is not as bad as it was during the flash flood in June last year.

"Every time there are floods, my house will be affected, causing damage to a lot of items in the house.

"It is worse in this village's low-lying areas, some houses are even completely submerged," she told Nabalu News today.

She said flood waters in her house have slightly receded but it would surely take some time for it to recede completely.

"We have to be alert at all times. Before it gets worse, make sure to pack and store valuable things at higher areas before they get wet."

Flood situation in Fiona's house.

In Penampang, a Kampung Ramayah reisdent, Fiona Mojini said her house compound was inundated from yesterday following continuous rain since morning.

"Our backyard and inside the house are flooded but at least the road in front of our house is still passable.

"There are two rivers here, from Sugud and Moyog. Overflowing of river waters is one of the causes to this flood," she said.

Fiona said she and her family had to stay upstairs and wait for the water to recede or any kind of help to arrive.

"Thankfully we have enough food supply for now," she said, also hoping that the rain would not get worse.

Another resident in Penampang, Mark Gilbert from Kampung Tongob said, the flood this time has damaged most of the furniture in his house.

"I think there are about five houses in this village that are badly affected by flood, including mine," he said.

He also reminded all residents to be extra careful during this rainy season by moving all electrical appliances to somewhere safer.

In Tuaran, Pusat (Amal) Latihan dan Amali OKU Sabah had to go through yet another devastating nightmare when its furniture were again damaged by flash flood.

Its founder Azman Saidin said, all of the furniture that were built by members of the centre were either damaged or submerged by flood waters and this happens every time there are flash floods.

He added that most of the furniture were for their customers.

"We could not save anything except for ourselves. There are 22 of us who live at the centre but now for now, we have to stay somewhere else," he said.


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