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5 DEC 2020

SEMPORNA: Two frontliners from the security forces here were supposed to get married in June but the plan was hampered when their leave was frozen.

However, policewoman Hamisa Uggak, 23, from Kampung Salimbangun here and her military husband Hasmizat Abu Hassan, also 23, from Kedah, finally tied the knot at the Sabah Islamic Religious Affairs Department, Semporna office at 11 am Friday, even though the state is still placed under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

Hamisa, who worked in Kedah, said the wedding was postponed from June until this month and might have been postponed again until February if both of them still couldn’t take leave from work.

“Thankfully, my superiors gave me permission to take leave. It was at the very last minute. So, I discussed with my husband, who was on duty in Kota Kinabalu, to hold this ceremony,” she said.

The youngest of seven siblings said she had to endure many challenges in making the wedding a reality, such as travel restrictions as stipulated under the CMCO standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“Even though I’m a policewoman, I still need to adhere to the SOPs, because I work in Kedah and to return to Semporna I need to obtain approval for interstate travel.

“When I finally returned here, I also had to undergo COVID-19 screening, and there was no direct flight from Kedah to Tawau as before, so I had to stay overnight at the airport,” she said.

Her husband Hasmizat said that although the solemnisation was held without the presence of his family in Kedah, their marriage received blessings from his family.

“They can’t be here due to the interstate travel restriction. Even for my wife’s side, her four brothers and a sister also couldn’t attend the ceremony,” he added.

Hamisa and Hasmizat are scheduled to return to work after their 14-day leave ends. - Bernama


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