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26 NOV 2020

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Vice President Gee Tien Siong said SAPP has not forgotten the pedestrian overpass problem which the KK Member of Parliament Chan Foong Hin failed to resolve, in responding to a statement by the latter yesterday.

He added that although he himself was not elected as a representative, he nevertheless endeavors to work with the present authorities to resolve the KK pedestrian overpass issue.

Gee said that a few days after the State election, he had met with the KK mayor regarding the matter. The mayor had briefed him on some technical issues that need to be addressed first. He added that the matter will be reported to the Chief Minister so it could be resolved as early as possible.

“It’s intriguing that the KK MP Chan who was in government for more than two years, has done nothing to solve this problem but now he wants the new government to solve it within two months,” Gee said, “Such talk shows that Chan is just shirking his responsibility.”


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