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Haji Ahmad Hassan

14 April 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PAPAR: Member of Parliament for Papar Haji Ahmad Hassan suggested that teachers under the Ministry of Education should undergo swab test and get vaccinated throughout this Phase Two vaccination programme period.

In his statement, he said concerns have been raised over the continuous rise of Covid-19 despite the distribution of vaccines.

"The situation where schools were ordered to close due to Covid-19 stems from the present-day government which still acts as if nothing is happening.

"Due to this, students have to face learning under the new norm. And many parents are anxious to learn that there are schools or universities placed under enhanced movement control order (EMCO)," he stated.

With lessons and experiences from the second wave Covid-19, Ahmad Hassan said the situation should have been under control by now.

"Unfortunately, the Education Ministry failed to learn from the previous issues."

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