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26 May 2021

KOTA KINABALU: The poor performance of the AstraZeneca vaccine website which has left many Malaysians frustrated over the inability to submit their registration caused an uproar among netizens who ranted on social media.

It was reported that millions of slots were already taken in less than an hour after it was opened at 12.15 pm, despite the problems.

Malaysians have taken their frustration to Twitter to complain about the clunky user interface and glitches of the website.

Some of the netizens said they have tried refreshing the website multiple times and even switching from a browser to another, yet the website would not respond as it should.

One user said: “We are not angry because the slot is full, but we are angry because we tried to click the green box to register, and yet it leads us on to nothing. This gives us false hope.”

Another user stated that although millions of slots were taken, it was ridiculous as some states such as Sabah was not included in the programme.

“While many experienced difficulties making an appointment for AstraZeneca vaccines this noon, more than 1.2 million doses were snapped in an hour. Meanwhile, Sabah the state with the lowest vaccination registration rate gets zero doses from the programme. It does not make sense,” he added.

Another comment read: “As someone who was involved in pioneering some of the e-banking systems in Malaysia, what we experienced today was unprecedented for a simple appointment system. For transparency sake and our taxpayers fund who is the company behind it?”

Meanwhile, MUDA secretary-general Amir Abd Hadi in a statement urged Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin who is in charge of the vaccination programme to explain who was given the contract to develop the registration site.

He noted that many people have complained about why the site was having an issue, despite costing around RM70 million for the development.

“After several times the website failed to meet the standard to ease the people to register for the vaccine.

“The people have pointed several problems and some of it is that the site was run using a free version of Cloudflare,” he added.


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