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Health group wants new cabinet led by competent professionals, not career politicians

17 Aug 2021

By Ilona Andrew

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Health Coalition (MHC) said the new Malaysian Cabinet should be led by competent professionals instead of career politicians to battle against the national Covid-19 health crisis.

In a statement today, the group said in the medium-term, the new government must balance health with the recovery of the economy, democracy and society.

On the other hand, in health terms, it stated that the new government must provide adequate financial, political and moral support to all healthcare front-liners.

"We have seen that the Health Ministry alone is not enough for us to beat Covid-19. Therefore, we need a strong and coordinated effort between the Federal and State Governments (perhaps through a working Federal-State Council), to ensure effective execution and no overlaps.

"There must also be strong coordination between all Ministries, especially the health, economic, security and welfare agencies. We also need an all-of-society effort against COVID-19, which requires proactive coordination with civil societies and empowering communities," said the group.

According to MHC, the new Prime Minister and the Cabinet must also acknowledge the ground situation and not hide the truth from the rakyat.

Sharing all pandemic data with high transparency will improve trust, and enable the rakyat to make more accurate risk assessments for themselves and their families, it added.

"We urge the government to follow scientific evidence as our understanding of Covid-19 evolves

and improves.

"Publicize evidence, methodology and rationale for making any important decisions, not merely announcing the decisions in a top-down manner.

"The government should also balance speed with sufficient understanding of the ground situation, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) must be evidence-based, easy-to-understand and enforced without double standards."

In this matter, MHC demanded that all political leaders and the new Government of Malaysia prioritize the Rakyat and the healthcare system.

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