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JKKK Kg Sayap lauds Ewon's contributions to the community

1 October 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Kampung Sayap in Kota Belud is a scenic village with a population of 2,000 people in 320 households.

Aming Gamburus, 65, the chairman of the Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK), shares that in the past the residents were primarily farmers, cultivating rice and growing fruits in orchards for both sale and sustenance.

However, with the passage of time, the younger generation has sought employment outside the village in both the private and government sectors, he shares.

As the village progressed over the years, its inhabitants aspired to bring their community up to par with other villages in the state.

Aming (right) with Ewon (middle)

"Our aspirations have been aided by our State Assemblyman, Datuk Ewon Benedick, who has played a crucial role in facilitating progress," he says.

Aming commends Ewon who is the United Progressive Kinabalu Organisation (UPKO) president for his significant contributions to the village's development, stating that the Kadamaian Assemblyman is a friendly and compassionate person who has consistently supported them.

"Even before assuming governmental positions, when he was solely our State Assemblyman, he remained devoted to our welfare. We understand the challenges he faced, and we admire his perseverance."

Ewon's support has included financial assistance for the construction of a hanging bridge connecting Kg Sayap with Kg Pomotodon, a once-thriving village within Kg Sayap that now primarily consists of farmland.

Ewon speaking with an elderly woman.

"This bridge has facilitated the movement of farmers to the agricultural area across the river," Aming shares.

"He has also donated funds to the sick and needy, providing several of them with wheelchairs, food and funds to buy necessities," he said.

According to him, Ewon is a very down-to-earth person and always tries his best for his constituents. He always tries to attend functions in Kg Sayap- such as the Harvest Festival Celebration.

" If for some reason he cannot attend, he will always send a representative," Aming shares.

Ewon has played a pivotal role in establishing an Entrepreneurial Centre where village members can come together to sell their products.

Ewon (left) with PPRT applicant.

Aming expresses his hope that the Entrepreneurial Centre can hold a market at least three times a week, providing the villagers with an opportunity to generate income.

This initiative will serve as a source of encouragement for the community, especially members.

Ewon has also made substantial contributions towards the completion of a church construction project, which is now on the verge of being finished, Aming says, adding that he has forwarded a letter to Ewon about further assistance on this matter.

Aming says the villagers are also looking forward to the sealing of the road from Kg Talungan through Kg Torintidon and to Kg Sayap.

He says the improved road infrastructure will greatly benefit the farmers, as it will facilitate the transportation and sale of their products, among others.

"We will have a smoother and safer drive without being trundled through bad uneven roads," he says.

Ewon speaking to the recipient of a wheelchair.

Moreover, this will attract visitors to the market and create a vibrant economy for the people.

The enhanced road infrastructure will boost tourism, as tourists will find it more convenient to drive to the area and ensure a smooth arrival and check-in process for participants in the Homestay programme, he enthuses.

The Homestay tourism products in the area include hiking and nature walks, with more than ten Homestays available, according to him.

Additionally, there are opportunities for activities such as fruit picking and other agricultural experiences, he said adding that this can be held during the fruit season.

The church.

Aming further highlights the availability of rafflesia in Guas Nabalu saying that the largest flower in Borneo attracts endless fascination from tourists.

In addition to the benefits for the local economy, the improved road infrastructure and diverse agricultural products can also have a positive impact on tourism in Kg Sayap Kota Belud.

With more accessible transportation route and a variety of attractions such as fruit farms and nature walks, tourists will be enticed to visit the village.

The presence of Homestay accommodations provides an authentic and immersive experience for tourists, allowing them to stay with local families and engage in the daily life and traditions of the community.

The Entrepreneural centre.

The combination of improved infrastructure, diverse agricultural products, and engaging tourism activities creates a promising outlook for Kg Sayap Kota Belud.

The village has made significant strides in its development, thanks to the unwavering commitment by Datuk Ewon Benedick who is also the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development.

With continued efforts and collaborations, the community can thrive and achieve its goal of becoming on par with other villages in the state, while preserving its unique cultural heritage.

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