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  • Ilona Andrew

Junz to GRS: Will two-dose SOPs be further delayed?

3 Sept 2021

By Ilona Andrew

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) Vice President Datuk Junz Wong queries the state government on the two-dose Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as Sabah is facing a shortage in vaccine supplies.

He said the two-dose vaccine SOPs is part of the Second Phase of the Sabah National Recovery Plan where only fully vaccinated staffers and patrons are allowed to enter supermarkets and eateries.

"It has been implemented since mid-August, but the Sabah administration has given operators a one-month grace period, following public outrage over the abrupt announcement.

"The grace period for the two-dose SOP will end on 14 September. After that, supermarkets and eateries will be fined for allowing the entrance of staffers and patrons who are not fully vaccinated.

"But how now? Will GRS extend the two-dose vaccine SOP since there is vaccine shortage?" he said in a press statement today.

According to Junz, Warisan had last month foresaw possible complications and advised the Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS)-led Government to avoid announcing half-baked policies.

"Warisan had foreseen such possible complications since last month and advised GRS to plan ahead. Now we are reminding GRS again. Please plan ahead and avoid announcing half-baked policies," he stated.

Lambasting the government's administration over Sabah's vaccine shortage, he questioned its promise of bettering Sabah after joining forces with the Federal Government.

"Didn't GRS announce that Sabah will purchase our own vaccines? What happened to the 250,000 doses announced by Qhazanah Sabah? Why is Sabah again the most marginalised and discriminated?"

"How come Sarawak has sufficient vaccines but not Sabah?" Sabahans have flocked and filled vaccination centres to the brim, only to be turned away. Is GRS going to later blame Sabahans for not wanting to be vaccinated?"

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