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Warren, Andi Fazirah and Vannie.

26 April 2021

KENINGAU: A team of three students from Keningau Vocational College here successfully secured a spot to compete in the Regional Hackathon.

The team which comprises Warren Junior Patin, Andi Fazirah Usman, and Vannie Verus are competing against 12 other teams from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The hackathon referred to as the Haquathon 2.0 which is a joint collaboration between Save Philippines Sea and several organisations based in the Philippines aims to search for solutions that can tackle issues related to coastal and marine sustainability.

The grand prize is worth USD 2,000 which will be given to five winners.

Currently, the trio is attending a virtual training programme that started on 24 April and will culminate in the final round where each team needs to pitch their solution in early June.

Their project “Mechanical Water Veins” is a device that can provide water directly to the soil surrounding the roots of plants in the most optimal manner on a preset schedule.

The device reduces water waste as it controls the amount of water that flows through its tubes. It also reuses wastewater runoff from sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.

This technique can be replicated and scaled up so that the concept can be widely applied in a large garden or farmland and its main purpose is to conserve the usage of water, especially in urbanised areas, which is consistent with the concept of innovation known as e-STEM (environmental STEM).

The director of the college, Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, lauded the students’ effort in putting their skills into practice by developing a practical project that can help tackle some environmental issues.

He hoped that more students will explore real-world problems and design solutions to address these problems.

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