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Kiulu schools urged to embrace tourism opportunities

12 April 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KIULU: Schools in the Kiulu countryside can benefit from the area’s growing tourism industry by incorporating it into their learning process, said Kiulu Assemblyman Datuk Joniston Bangkuai.

He said that most primary schools in Kiulu are located along the river and surrounded by a lush environment, which makes them attractive for eco-tourism.

“Schoolchildren are used to seeing tourism activities taking place in their areas. There are camping grounds and hiking trails, exposing these schools to tourists who are interested in seeing what it’s like to go to school in a more rural setting,” he said.

He suggested that the schools can take the initiative to develop projects and initiatives that promote the local area to visitors, such as showcasing their culture, heritage, and environment.

“This could also raise students’ awareness of the importance of tourism and how it can contribute to their community’s development and income,” he added.

Joniston, who is also Assistant Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, said that adding tourism into a rural primary school can also support the need to improve the school facilities and infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Joniston stated that he had engaged with committee members of the Kiulu Zone Headmasters Association led by its Chairman Jerome Goromon Rongot to discuss their concerns and needs.

He said that he would assist them in expediting any requests made to relevant authorities and provide funds for some of the urgent matters, such as improving the school canteen, the road access, and the fencing.

Goromon had also remarked on the positive impact of tourism on education in Kiulu, noting that many parents had moved back to the village to run tourism businesses and that their children had enrolled in local schools.

He said that there is a need for a dialogue session with the Parent-Teacher Association and the community to gather input on how to boost the profile of rural schools in Kiulu.


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