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KUSKOP committed to continue cooperative transformation agenda - Ewon

23 December 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (KUSKOP) is committed to continue to cooperative transformation agenda through the implementation of various policies and action plans that will be empowered.

Its minister Datuk Ewon Benedick said this is in line with the ministry’s responsibility which is to regulate and develop the cooperative movement.

He said as of June 30, there are 14,975 cooperatives with a total of 7.03 million members.

“The total of share capital or fees and assets of the cooperative were recorded at RM16.52 billion and RM156.18 billion, respectively," he said when speaking at the launch of Super apps TAPTAPLAH by Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Berhad, at M Resort & Hotel here, yesterday.

According to Ewon, the cross-ministerial collaboration will also be intensified to ensure that the use of resources can be optimised by taking into account the involvement of cooperatives as business entities, especially in the field of technology and digitisation.

“The exclusive initiative implemented by Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Berhad is also in line with the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM)’s Digitisation Plan in an effort to bridge the digital gap among the cooperatives across the country.

“What’s more special is that it was launched this year in conjunction with the 100th anniversary celebration of the Cooperative Movement in Malaysia,” he said.

He added that the introduction of the TAPTAPLAH application is to bring cooperative activities closer to the younger generation who are more inclined to online facilities from the aspect of service subscriptions as well as product purchases.

“I am confident that this initiative will give good impacts and can positive encouragement to all cooperatives, specifically for cooperatives that require comprehensive and accessible platform, he said.

Ewon also mentioned that the application offers opportunity to increase Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Berhad’s productivity and service through digital application system.

“This application is able to provide data and analysis tools to interpret the behavior of members and the performance of the cooperative's business while making it a user-friendly platform and helping cooperatives in the digitisation of their business.

"This comprehensive platform is also expected to be able to benefit cooperative members and the community at the same time increase the productivity of a cooperative in marketing the cooperative's products and services through a digital platform.

"I hope this application can be used by all cooperatives throughout Malaysia from now on," he said and added that it is a collaboration and initiative of Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Berhad and SKM.

Also present were SKM Vice Chairman Datuk Umar Sarim Saidin, Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Berhad Chairman Datuk Yahya Hussin, SKM Sabah Director Matias Kundapin, Chief Executive Officer of Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Malaysia Suli Koid and Koperasi Tanjong Keramat Advisor Hj. Zainal Manaf.


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