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From left to right (Ewon, Madius, and Donald)

11 Feb 2021

UPKO wishes all Malaysians who celebrate or share the joy of Chinese New Year a safe and prosperous year of Metal Ox.

The most popular Chinese New Year greeting is “Gong Xi Fa Cai” (literally, “congratulations for your windfall”). Like the traditional greeting “have you eaten?”, this reflects the ordinary Chinese person’s basic aspiration for economic well-being and prosperity, shaped by the cyclical episodes of war, poverty and famine endured by Chinese in the past millennia.

Another auspicious Chinese New Year greeting is “Sui Sui Ping An” (“may you have peace and security year after year”), reflecting the ordinary people’s humble wishes for blissful days throughout the year.

As the Covid-19 pandemic is soaring while the economy is shrinking, “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and “Sui Sui Ping An” are common aspirations of most people in Malaysia and in the world, not confined to the Chinese.

Safety and prosperity amidst a pandemic take more than individuals’ efforts and resilience. It needs a functioning government to make wise decisions and to enforce rules equally without fear or favour.

It takes real political stability, not Emergency which protects the federal government from parliamentary oversight when it makes bad decisions, when it bend the rules for the elites, when public funds are spent for partisan purposes.

At UPKO, we feel the public’s aspiration for real political stability grounded on democracy. We are committed to policy-driven and professionalised multiparty democracy.

We reiterate our call for a political ceasefire with inter-party agreement between the government and the opposition to replace the Emergency so that best policies and best implementation for pandemic management and economic recovery may be a reality.

We hope the year of Ox would be a year where everyone works hard and gets rewarded abundantly. That must include the government and the opposition, whose job is to compete to offer the best policies so that whichever side wins, the people always win.

Let’s build real political stability so that “Gong Xi Fa Cai” and “Sui Sui Ping An” can be realities.

Wilfred Madius Tangau

MP for Tuaran

UPKO President

Donald Mojuntin

Senator for Sabah

UPKO Deputy President

Ewon Benedick

Assemblyperson for Kadamaian

UPKO Vice President


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