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Lump in breast: Women advised to seek treatment immediately

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30 March 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

TAWAU: Any woman who discovers a lump in her breast should seek medical attention immediately as there is nothing to be ashamed of.

This was a take-home message for rural women at the most recent talk on Breast Cancer Awareness by the Chairperson of Tawau Kinabalu Pink Ribbon, Christy Salazar at Kg Jalan Damai and Kg Warisan here.

"All women must perform breast self-examination (BSE) regularly to detect the presence of any lump in the breast. Breast cancer education is so important. Which is why Tawau Kinabalu Pink Ribbon continues its programme in reaching out to the community, especially in rural areas, and socially interacting with women to enlighten them on how to do BSE.

"In this way, we are able to raise the level of awareness and encourage women to be more proactive about their breast health.

"I thank the entire community of Tawau for standing with me and my group for supporting this wonderful cause. Though many of us come from different races, faiths and socio-economic backgrounds, one thing for sure is that everybody really wants to embrace great health," she said.

According to Salazar, breast cancer is still rampant and Tawau remains one of the places with the highest rate of breast cancer, and thus there is a dire need to control the menace.

During the roadshow, she also spread the word that 1 in 19 Malaysian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. "Our mission is to raise awareness in our community about the importance of early detection with the right medical treatment. Education and keeping a positive mindset are the key components and powerful weapons in the fight against this deadly disease."

Calling on the community to come together and join hands in reducing the risk factors for breast cancer, Salazar said it is unfortunate that most of our women here are still suffering from this fatal disease and unable to speak out because of the social norms and taboos prevalent in our society.

Eventually choosing death over life which is so very sad or in most cases, the patients are at a very critical condition upon presentation, she added. "I learned about this situation during my awareness talks to rural women prior to the Covid-19 pandemic."

The most recent Breast Cancer Awareness Programme was fully sponsored by All Party Parliamentary Group Malaysia (APPGM), and fully supported by Tawau MP Datuk Christina Liew and officials from the Tawau Parliamentary People's Service Centre in holding the activity.

Tawau Parliamentary Chief Liaison Officer Fung Thin Yein represented the MP at the health talks.

Liew said she supported Tawau Kinabalu Pink Ribbon as it is one of the active non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the district.

"It is absolutely vital to educate rural women on the pressing need for early detection of breast cancer and appropriate treatment to save lives, instead of resorting to non evidence-based methods. I have emphasised this in my previous media statements in conjunction with World Breast Cancer Day," she said.


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