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Azmin (left) and Schrambock. (Photo courtesy of Shambrock)

10 July 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Malaysians are taking every chance they could to 'bombard' Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Azmin Ali for his failure to handle the Covid-19 pandemic ever since he turned off the comment feature on all his social media pages.

This time around, the Facebook page of Austrian Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs Margarete Schrambock has been flooded by comments from Malaysian users after she shared photos of her and Azmin after a bilateral trade and investment meeting.

While being seemingly respectful to the Schrambock, Malaysian users dropped witty remarks on the thread telling the minister to be heedful of Azmin.

"Don't easily trust Jemin (Azmin) because he is such a good pretender and an incompetent minister. He is the one to be blamed for allowing factories to operate during the total lockdown. Sorry for bickering here on your post as Jemin has deleted his," a user under the name Farha Wan Mohd Ghani commented.

Another user, Fadly Bakhtiar Othman said: "Even though he closed the comment section on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, we are happy to be able to swear at him here. FYI Madam, he is an unreliable male. Because of him, Covid-19 cases in Malaysia become very high and almost unmanageable. In fact, our economy has fallen badly compared to other ASEAN countries. I suggest you tie him up in Vienna and don't let him return to Malaysia. He is the bearer of bad luck and misfortune to us."

Meanwhile, Shaharul Rizal Sohaimi said Malaysians appreciate Austria's great investment but apprised the Austrian minister to refrain from giving credit to Azmin whom he called 'an imbecile'.

"We Malaysians are working on getting rid of this incompetent minister. Please don't pull your country's interest in investing in Malaysia. Just wait for a little until a competent person replaces this waste of Malaysian taxpayers' money.

"Furthermore, I apologised on behalf of level-headed Malaysians for the filthy choice of words used by my fellow countrymen in your comment section. I assure you they are just venting towards the minister (Azmin). No ill intention towards you, your countrymen, and your country," he said.

One Khairil Hazwan Hamzah commented: "Madam, he is the worst minister in Malaysia. Hope you can give a lesson (on) how to manage a country, or you can take him forever to your country."

Sarthia Murthy on the other hand warned the Austrian minister not to trust Azmin as he is "currently in the midst of a homeless crisis in his own party".

"He has this special ability of hopping, he may hop onto your party in the future. Please be careful," she said.

Another humorous comment found in the thread was by one Azrul Amirul who said: "Don't trust him. If your country has a volcano, throw him inside. You are not just saving one country, you will be saving the whole nation."

In Schrambock's Facebook posting, she thanked Azmin for the visit and indicated an interest in working closely in the future.

"Our motto is: Diplomacy as a door opener. And so we had some companies during our conversation, which is either successfully exporting to #Malaysia or the best way to go there.

"The Southeast Asian market is particularly interesting for Austria's companies, precisely because Malaysia is establishing itself as a hub for technology," her posting read.


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