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Melangkap Tiong, ideal destination for eco-tourism

8 May 2024


KOTA BELUD: Early this year, the Melangkap Tiong Eco Tourism Centre achieved a significant milestone by officially establishing itself as a cooperative.

Spokesperson and Cooperative Senior Committee Member Anichlose Kosimin shared that this achievement opens up a world of possibilities, propelling the eco-tourism cooperative towards new heights of success.

What sets the tourism cooperatives in Melangkap Tiong apart is their unique ownership structure, where they are collectively owned and managed by the vibrant community itself, he said.

According to him, this collective ownership fosters a strong sense of unity and empowerment, ensuring that the benefits of the eco-tourism endeavours are shared equitably among all members of the community. With this newfound cooperative status, the Melangkap Tiong Eco Tourism Centre is poised to embark on a journey of growth, sustainability, and community-driven success.

He expressed his belief that cooperative registration in Sabah has seen a surge in activity, thanks to the comprehensive work and promotion carried out throughout the country.

“Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development, has played a significant role in driving this growth. His leadership and commitment to engaging with entrepreneurs have resulted in an increase in cooperative registration and a positive impact on the cooperative sector in Sabah,” he said adding that Ewon is also the Member of Parliament for Kadamaian. Melangkap Tiong is within this constituency.

“We are also grateful for the support and assistance from Ewon for Eco-Tourism; there have been several successes that we can be proud of. Among them are being the best community-based Eco-Tourism (winning the Asian level competition in Vietnam 2019), winning the River Conservation Competition, in conjunction with the National World River Day Celebration in 2022, and several achievements at the district and state levels,” he said.

“We are very grateful to him for approving an allocation of RM200,000 to go towards our Traditional Market, Tamu. The village community who are participating in the tamu will be more comfortable and further able to serve our tourists and guests among others,” he said, adding that Ewon is always concerned about the needs of the community in the Kadamaian constituency area, not only in terms of infrastructure development but also in education matters.

“I hope that the villages in the Melangkap Zone will continue to progress and be recognised worldwide as one of the tourism destinations in the state of Sabah. I also hope that more tourism-based cooperatives will be registered in the Melangkap Zone, as there are many advantages, facilities, and guidance in the business and entrepreneurial field,” he said.

Ecotourism is a responsible form of travel to natural areas that aims to conserve the environment, support local communities, and respect different cultures and human rights. It promotes sustainability by educating travellers, funding ecological conservation, and aiding in the economic development of local communities.

The concept involves minimising the negative impacts of traditional tourism, promoting environmental practices like recycling and energy efficiency, and creating economic opportunities for locals. The International Ecotourism Society defines ecotourism as responsible travel that conserves nature, sustains local well-being, and involves education.

Despite some scepticism, ecotourism strives to reduce tourism's negative effects, making it a valuable approach to responsible travel.


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