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Nahaba Women entrepreneurs push forward for economic progress

The members during the badminton tournament.

8 July 2024


KOTA BELUD: Recently, a group of passionate and determined women came together under the visionary leadership of Jakunis Gandua to form an association called Persatuan Penduduk Wanita Nahaba, translated loosely it's Association of Nahaba Women Residents.

Jakunis shared that this association was established with the aim of empowering women, advocating for their rights, and fostering a sense of community among the female residents of Nahaba.

A respected woman leader known for her unwavering dedication to women's causes, she spearheaded the formation with visits to the Registrar of Society (RoS) and a clear vision in mind.

"We are a group of small entrepreneurs specialising in selling food items such as cakes, pre-cooked traditional dishes, and other edibles. Some of us are also vegetable farmers who sell our produce at the local Tamu (traditional market) on a regular basis. Additionally, some of our members create beautiful handicrafts for sale."

"I had the idea to establish an association to ensure that we can progress together and continue to grow our businesses," she explained.

" Through the establishment and successful management of our businesses, women entrepreneurs can significantly contribute to household income. The additional income generated can help cover daily expenses and supplement their spouses' earnings."

Receiving the mock cheque from Ewon.

She noted that there are single mothers among the association members, and she expressed hope that more women in similar situations would join them in the future.

"We are aiming to recruit an initial membership of 1,500 from Kg Tegudon and Kg Nahaba, but there are interest shown by women entrepreneurs from Kg Tolungan," she added, mentioning the possibility of doubling that number.

She mentioned plans to establish a cooperative once the membership grows, providing them with more opportunities for growth and collaboration.

"At present, we rely on our own efforts to raise funds. We contribute 20% of our earnings from the Tamu to a collective fund," she explained.

Recently, the Kadamaian State Assemblyman, Datuk Ewon Benedick, generously donated RM5,000 to the association. Jakunis expressed gratitude for this contribution, highlighting how it enabled them to purchase complete kitchen facilities to prepare their goods for the Tamu.

"This support from Datuk Ewon Benedick has given our association a strong start, and we are now confident about our future prospects. We are preparing to showcase our products at the upgraded Tamu Layoh," she shared.

She expressed excitement about the upcoming opportunities to sell their products at the Tamu and the official launch of their association.

Besides being intrepid entrepreneurs, these group of women are also very active in social activities such as visiting the sick in hospital to cheer them up and holding exercises session for members.

This included Zumba competition and badminton tournament.

With a clear vision of their entrepreneurship goal, this association of women entrepreneurs is set to fulfil their ambitions.


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