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Adrian Lasimbang

20 March 2021

KOTA KINABALU: The joint statement on the use of the term “Allah” and urging the government not to appeal on the High Court decision, has been lauded by many leaders across political divide.

“I thank UPKO president, Wilfred Madius Tangau who initiated the joint statement which was signed by 22 MPs and Senators and 32 state assemblypersons from Sabah and Sarawak involving 10 political parties” Adrian Lasimbang, DAP Senator and a member of the Sabah DAP Native Consultative Committee said.

Adrian also welcomed the fact that Gabungan Parti Sarawak and even MCA have issued statements stating their stand on the against extremism with respect to the decision.

“However, it is extremely dissapointing that PBS, STAR and PBRS have failed to come out openly in defense to the rights of Christian to use the word “Allah”. It appears MCA is bolder than the leaders of these parties”.

“From day one these KDM parties have obviously compromised to get into power and this was apparent when they willingly accepted the first-ever appointed ADUN from PAS in Sabah State Assembly. Now, they continue to keep quiet so that they can continue to be in power. So could the rakyat ever hope that they are dare to fight for what is right?”.

It is not too late for PBS, STAR and PBRS to learn from GPS, MCA. I urge these parties to make a firm stand on the “Allah” issue and the High Court decision, and to pressure the Perikatan Nasional at the federal government level not to appeal on the decision.

Adrian said that if PBS, STAR and PBRS do not make a stand on this issue, he hopes the people, especially native communities, will open their eyes and realize that these parties are neither principled nor have the ability to fight, and have only been making promises and statements to get into power.

It is much more disappointing to see KDM leaders from interior can’t even do anything to fight for the aspirations of our native communities as enshrined in the Batu Sumpah in Keningau. Leaders like Dr Jeffery Kitingan and his party even do rituals on the Batu Sumpah and have pledge their commitment to protect the aspirations of the Batu Sumpah, but it seems to be only a political gimmick to gain political milage.

The continuous battles in our courts on this issue have affected the freedom of the natives of Sabah to profess their religion. It is time to end this, and we should emulate Indonesia where it is not a problem even though they have the biggest Muslim population in the world.


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