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Petrol bomb incident at KK Mart must be handled firmly-UPKO Youth

27 March 2024

By Nabalu News Reporter

KOTA KINABALU: The petrol bomb incident at KK Mart, Bidor, Perak, is feared to prolong if not handled seriously and firmly by the authorities.

The Chief of UPKO Malaysia Youth, Felix Joseph Saang, said that the very disappointing and surprising incident might continue if not handled properly.

He said that this incident may only involve minor losses this time, but what if it involves injuries or loss of life of the workers at the premises.

"The government needs to take firm action against those who act violently like what happened in Perak."

An investigation needs to be conducted to ensure that the perpetrators of this incident can be identified and appropriately punished so that it does not recur," he said when contacted yesterday.

Felix said that UPKO Youth is also concerned that this incident might lead to the beginning of other incidents that could threaten national security.

He said he believes that there may be certain parties deliberately making this 'sock' issue a political agenda.

"It is undeniable that mistakes have been made, and not only has KK Mart publicly apologized, but the company owner has also been charged in court.

"Therefore, political party leaders should stop playing this issue as it will only harm the country.

"At this time, the country is still facing many other issues, including economic issues and the cost of living. It will only affect the country, including the views of foreign investors towards the country," he said.

Felix said that UPKO Youth believes and trusts that all Malaysians love peace, harmony, and mutual respect even though they are of different religions and races.

"Therefore, stop it, do not make the sock issue a political tool that could harm the country. Enough is enough," he emphasised.


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