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PIBG: Stop teaching our children to hate

27 October 2023


KOTA KINABALU: A Parent Teacher Association (PIBG) head expressed his concern about a letter from the Ministry of Education Malaysia (KPM) titled "Implementation of Palestinian Solidarity Week In Educational Institutions Under The Ministry Of Education Malaysia".

Adrian Siponong in a statement said as a representative of the PIBG in a Mission School, such the programme could disrupt the harmony among students, parents and teachers who are from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

“Do not make our children victims simply because of the hatred of a small group of fanatic Malaysians and self-interested politicians,” he said.

“This statement does not mean to favor any party, but the fundamental issue here is not to teach negative things to these children. Our children go to school to receive education for progress and betterment in their own lives and future. Therefore, let's not use schools for the interests and fanaticism of a few politicians. Let's not waste time with programmes like this. The Ministry should think and focus on programmes that bring benefits to students and promote harmony.”

“Schools should be a platform for a neutral institution that should not be exploited by any party for such purposes. Let other relevant parties find better ways to achieve their objectives. I believe the Education Ministry has more important objectives than programmes such as this.”

The representative of the school's PIBG strongly opposes the implementation of this specific programme in their school and express their hope for more opposition from other PIBG members and schools in Sabah. While they state their support for future programmes by KPM, they do not allow programmes like the one in question to be carried out in their school. Adrian emphasised that they would support programmes based on any humanitarian aspects, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or origin.


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