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Politicians playing politics again while people continue to be ravaged - Rafidah Aziz

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz

9 Sept 2021

By Ilona Andrew

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran politician Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said the politicians are 'playing politics' again for the umpteenth time while the people continue to be devastated by the global's worst-ever pandemic.

In her Facebook posting today, she called the current political situations in Malaysia by many names such as 'game of toilet thrones' and 'political musical chairs'.

"The politicians are "playing politics" again, giving out promotions among themselves, splitting up amongst the same party members on who to support or not, and again, practising corrupt, transactional politics!

"And there are also opportunistic individuals coming out of the woodworks, offering to lead. Clearly, it's only personal politics at play.

It's simply about position and power, not about the heavy responsibility and serious, meticulous and orderly laid out work that comes with the position. There is clearly no leadership or leaders; merely individuals in cushy seats of power and paid inflated remuneration from public funds," she wrote.

According to Rafidah, with the complete abuse of power, the country and the people continue to be ravaged and affected by the Covid-19 with a far reaching impact never before felt across society.

For this, she said, there is every cause for worry and serious concern but politicians have shown very little real empathy for the people.

"Concerned members of society continue to strive to seek ways to get the right approaches to address the collateral damages brought about by Covid-19 on every aspect of the people's lives.

"This includes struggling to survive Covid-19 and its impacts, making ends meet as a result of livelihoods being cut off, fighting and succumbing to mental stresses of being retrenched and forced to earn meagre incomes, and facing unsympathetic enforcement teams."

Apart from that, she also mentioned the improper virtual education delivered to children and youths due to unprepared education system, the uncertainty of receiving vaccinations due to the hassle of getting appointments, and the 'close-open-close again' orders meted out to confused affected economic sectors.

"In short, these are worrying and uncertain times being faced by the people and the nation. And yet, the political branch of the government is not governing. Politics still prevails over almost everything!!

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