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Practice moderation and balance

5 May 2024


PENAMPANG: The availability of alcohol in the Penampang area is influenced by market dynamics of supply and demand.

Speaking to reporters after launching the Penampang District Adolescent Health Carnival 2024 and the Care4U Friendly Adolescent Clinic, Penampang Member of Parliament Datuk Ewon Benedick stressed that while one cannot impede entrepreneurs from establishing businesses, it is crucial to conduct awareness campaigns to prevent harmful consumption of alcohol.

“I am pro-choice, I am adamant about my children refraining from alcohol during their teenage years. Once they attain independence and earn their own income, they have the freedom to choose, but I aim to provide guidance,” he said, adding that while he could not speak for all parents, he believed in initiating this guidance at the family level as the household leader.

“Simultaneously, I support balanced business growth, emphasising responsible consumption to prevent harmful effects. Setting limits and maintaining equilibrium are paramount. As a community representative and leader, I advocate for awareness initiatives, always striving for equilibrium.”

He said consuming the traditional drink with a host or event organizer should always be in moderation.

On the carnival he said as a parent he acknowledges the need to guide teenagers to cultivate healthy lifestyles and build healthier friendships.

“I believe this is the foundation for our nation's development. When our people are healthy, it becomes easier for our country to progress. Healthcare costs are becoming higher, so instead of spending a large amount on treatment, why not focus on prevention? And it all starts with events like this carnival, where teenagers can cultivate healthy lifestyles that will carry on into adulthood. This contributes to nation building, starting from their own communities,” he said.

Ewon who is the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDC) said he welcomed all efforts and initiatives by the Ministry of Health, especially by the Sabah State Health Department, in starting a youth clinic at the Penampang Health Clinic.

“This is in line with our adolescent health policy. I would like to inform all residents in and around the Penampang area, especially parents, to avail themselves of the services provided.

Hopefully, these services will achieve the intended objectives,” he said.

“The Health Agenda is a national agenda and a special cabinet committee has been established to drive this national health agenda. This agenda needs to reach the grassroots level, to the villages and communities. That is why I welcome and fully support this agenda, especially for the targeted adolescent group during this carnival.”

The carnival was supported by Yayasan Bank Rakyat.

Ewon visited all the 21 booths where various health information was displayed. He was accompanied by Datuk Philip Lasimbang Chairman of Yayasan Bank Rakyat, Dr. Maria Suleiman Deputy Director of State Health Public Health Division, Dr. Suhaila Osman Chief Assistant Director of Family Health Development Sector, Noemi Dyena Johntren, Assistant District Officer, Administration representing the District Officer and Dr. Nurul Akmanidar Zainuddin who represented the Head of Penampang Health Clinic.


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