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Sabah Sports to be highlighted

17 October 2023


KOTA KINABALU: Untapped potentials in Sabah in the field of sports should be highlighted, Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Ellron Angian said

He emphasised that sports in Sabah go beyond recreation, serving as a catalyst for holistic development, youth empowerment, and national pride.

To realise this, the Sabah state government has prioritised sports development, he said in his speech at the 9th International Conference of Movement, Health, and Exercise (MOHE) 2023, today.

He highlighted the establishment and enhancement of state-of-the-art sports infrastructure as a key initiative.

"The government plans to invest in modern sports facilities and established venues, with a particular focus on Keningau, Sabah, aiming to meet international sports facility standards," he said.

These state-of-the-art facilities will provide athletes with optimal platforms for training, analysis, and competition, enabling them to achieve greatness at both national and international levels, according to him.

Ellron stressed the importance of equipping athletes with the necessary resources and support to excel in their respective sports.

He further emphasised the government's commitment to nurturing talent and providing athletes with the necessary opportunities to showcase their skills.

By investing in modern sports infrastructure, Sabah aims to create a conducive environment for athletes to thrive and succeed in their sporting endeavours.

The successful collaboration between the Sabah Sport Council, Sabah Youth and Sports Ministry, and the esteemed University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) was commended for its significant contributions to athlete development.

The collaboration, specifically through the Heal Research Unit in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at UMS, has utilised cutting-edge technology and a health and exercise science approach to unearth new talents and propel Sabah's athletes to triumph in the SUKMA sports championships.

Through the collaboration with UMS, tools such as performance analytics, biomechanical assessments, and sports-specific training modules have been incorporated.

These technological advancements have allowed for tailored training programs, ensuring individual athletes receive targeted and effective preparation for their respective sports.

The evidence-based approach, rooted in sports science and health, has been instrumental in achieving improved performance outcomes.

Ellron said he firmly advocate for the transformative potential of knowledge and collaborative efforts in propelling advancement and attaining greatness.

"Going beyond our exclusive emphasis on health and exercise science, I hope that through these conferences, we can highlight Sabah's potential to emerge as a central hub for sports development, not only within Malaysia but also on the global platform."


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