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Tenghilan gets RM200k to go towards implementing Tamu Desa

19 May 2024


TUARAN: An allocation of RM200,000 for the implementation of a rural market or Tamu Desa in Tenghilan was announced by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Datuk Ewon Benedick, yesterday.

He said the funds would go towards establishment of the Tamu site which been identified and will be constructed in the area of the Damit Family Heritage Hall (KKD) in Tenghilan.

"I agree to the implementation of Tamu Desa in this hall, which is owned by the Damit Family Association, with an allocation of RM200,000.

"Furthermore, as an encouragement incentive from MEDC to this cooperative, I have also allocated an additional RM100,000 to ensure the success of cooperative retail activities," he said.

He said this to reporters after launching the Koisaan Damit Tenghilan Berhad Cooperative at the KKD Hall in Tenghilan, here, today.

The cooperative, which currently has around 1,300 members, was established last January.

Ewon also welcomed the people of this country to establish or join any cooperative, whether it be a family cooperative, community cooperative, or village cooperative, to enhance the economic status of the people.

"The Ministry has implemented various initiatives such as programmes to promote cooperative culture among the people and programmes to cultivate cooperative spirit among youth to encourage more participation of the people in the cooperative movement," he said.

He also encouraged cooperatives involved in tourism activities to take advantage of the special financing scheme for newly launched tourism cooperatives a few days ago.

He mentioned that a total of RM2 million has been allocated for incentive assistance under the Jom Jelajah Kopreasi (JEJAK) Programme for the year through the Malaysian Cooperative Commission (SKM) as initial support to drive cooperatives involved in the tourism sector.

"This incentive hope to ensure that cooperatives specifically involved in the tourism industry can compete with other players in the tourism industry to increase cooperative income and indirectly benefit cooperative members," he said.


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