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Upko Penampang urges for immediate reconstruction of Sugud gravity water dams

The actual condition of Kg Kaanapan upstream remains to date. The original river width is 5 metres.

6 Oct 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: Upko Penampang Branch has appealed to the authorities to reconstruct the three water gravity dams in Kg Sugud which were damaged by the mud flood tragedy some two weeks ago.

Its chief Carl Moosom said, up to this day, the folks in that area have no choice but to resort to using transported rationed and bottled water that was donated in masses over the past two weeks to cook, drink, and even bath.

"I had raised this matter to the district officer and made an appeal to State Rural Development Minister Datuk Jahid Jahim on 'projek mendesak paip graviti' in Kg Kaanapan, Kg Kodou and Kg Tinduuzon, with the required amount as reported by our branch heads at RM80,000 each.

"Recently, the district officer informed me that the application was only recently sent to the Federal Rural Development Ministry for funding," he said, adding that 50 per cent of the family homes in Kg Sugud rely on these dams.

According to Carl, while the roads in that area are all connected again and partly cleared, they still require major maintenance such as slope protection and debris collections, among others.

"The road to Kg. Mahansung is too passable but barely. If another freak storm and rain hit, I am certain it will be affected once more.

"Equally, many high laying places need immediate attention on drain recovery and road upgrading, otherwise the conditions would worsen with each heavy downpour," he asserted.

Other than water infrastructure, he mentioned that the authorities should focus on other main infrastructures, namely electricity, roads, and drains or rivers.

He added that the government funding should by now have mobilised assets into recovering the state of these infrastructures, especially the Kaanapan-Kodou river flow as it is totally misaligned from its natural being.

"Many houses are reaching tipping points and require urgent mitigation works. Heavy branches and trees are still visible in every corner of the river streams!"

"The residents had instead gone on with the construction through the church using local influencer Adam Shamil's RM50,000 donations and Kg Kodou will be the first to initiate a pipe gravity gotong-royong. They had spent RM23,500 and are still financially short," he stated.

Carl said the folks are willing to go for whatever is available at the moment, as long as the new water source is resumed.

"Catechist Jinilis has confirmed this to me over a long phone call. Hence, I have decided to further part some of our balance collection back to church for this purpose

"Overall our Upko youths have been actively pursuing weekend cleanups. The latest houses involved one in Kg Kodou and Kg Kitangang as well as one in Kg Maang, as advised by our Women Chief," he explained.


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