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"We share the same country, the future depends on the unity of the people" - Ewon

19 March 2024

By Nabalu News Reporter

KOTA BELUD: Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Datuk Ewon Benedick stated that the future of the country depends on the unity of the people beyond racial and religious differences.

According to him, the people share ownership of this country and it is the collective responsibility of the people to build and provide a better future for the nation.

"Beyond religious differences, we share this country, we share the same states, districts, and villages. That is why tolerance and the spirit of mutual respect are crucial."

"This country belongs to all of us and it is our collective responsibility. Our unity will determine the future of our nation," he said.

As the Member of the State Legislative Assembly (ADUN) for Kadamaian, he continues the practice of attending religious and cultural events as an important sign of unity in building the future of the country.

"All of us have a role to play in developing this country. As a Minister and Assemblyman, I attend Iftar events with my Muslim friends in Kg Tambulion as part of my tradition, followed by attending open houses during Hari Raya. I also provide contributions to every mosque and surau in Kadamaian through my ADUN allocation."

"Next month, I will meet with church leaders across Kadamaian and provide the same contribution to every non-Islamic place of worship in Kadamaian. This is my commitment to ensure that all people can come together to develop this country, regardless of religion and ethnicity," he said.

Ewon made this statement during his speech at the breaking of fast event and donation presentation to mosques, suraus, and the needy in the Kadamaian state constituency, here, yesterday.

During the event, Ewon presented a donation of RM1,000 to each surau, while the mosque in Kg Tambulion received RM10,000 as the host.

A total of 130 needy individuals also received a donation of RM150 each from the Yayasan Bank Rakyat, an agency under Ewon's responsibility.

The Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) of Kg Tambulion Laut also received a donation of RM5,000 from Ewon.


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