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Youth engagement is crucial for cooperative movement - Ewon

31 July 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Minister of Entrepreneur and Cooperatives Development, Datuk Ewon Benedick, the has urged the youth to actively participate in the cooperative sector and advocate for its benefits.

He made the remarks during the closing ceremony of the clossing ceremony of Asia Pacific Cooperative Youth Summit 4.0 (APCYS 4.0), which was participated by youths from 19 countries in this region, on Sunday.

The participants engaged in various activities, such as field excursions, exhibitions, workshops, and seminars, to learn about the cooperative model and its values and principles.

"Therefore, I believe that APCYS 4.0 is one of the best platforms to attract youth to share their experiences in establishing cooperatives, discuss the advantages of cooperatives as a business model based on cooperative values and principles, and also to foster a culture of cooperation through cooperatives.

"With hands on training and exposure, I believe more youth will be able to open their mind to participate in cooperatives and make it their lifestyle in the future," he said.

Ewon also praised the participants for their energy, enthusiasm, and beliefs in understanding and adapting with cooperative values.

He said that their participation and active engagement in discussions, workshops, and networking sessions have demonstrated the potential that lies within the youth to create a more sustainable future for the cooperative movement.

"Throughout this summit, we have witnessed the power of youth in driving positive change. Your energy, enthusiasm, and beliefs in understanding and adapting with cooperative values have been truly inspiring."

He also expressed his confidence that the connections made and the ideas exchanged during the summit will continue to thrive long after the event concludes.

Swon said that the bonds, the friendships, and the networks created will serve as a solid foundation for future collaborations and partnerships that will further strengthen the cooperative movement across the Asia Pacific region.

"As we move forward, it is crucial to build upon the momentum generated during this summit. Let us harness the knowledge gained, the ideas sparked, and the collaborations formed to create a lasting impact in our respective communities."

"I encourage each and every one of you to continue advocating for the cooperative movement.

"Share your experiences, inspire others, and encourage the youth to actively participate in cooperatives. By amplifying our collective voices and highlighting the benefits of cooperatives, we can foster a greater understanding and appreciation for their role in creating a more sustainable and inclusive society," he added.


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