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Kg Pinasang Tamudarat JKKK receives funds to repair office

9 July 2024


KOTA BELUD: The Kg Pinasang Tamudarat Village Development and Security Committee (JKKK) in Kota Belud recently received RM50,000 in funding from the Kadamaian Member of Parliament, Datuk Ewon Benedick.

The JKKK Chairman, Gison Yasik, stated that the funds would be utilised to renovate and repair their office at the pavilion, which is also used by the Neighborhood Watch (KRT). Additionally, the funding will be used to repair the ceilings.

Gison mentioned that the funds would be used for various minor repairs, which would greatly benefit the people, as the pavilion is also utilised by those who need the field for their sports activities.

“We are very grateful to our State Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick for this contribution. This is a large amount and we will utilise it accordingly. This funding allocation demonstrates his commitment to supporting the development and security of our village,” he said.

According to him, he is also interested in improving the economic situation of the villagers. While there are employed individuals in both the government and private sectors, there are also those who rely on tapping rubber for a living. Additionally, some villagers engage in paddy planting for their consumption, which is a valuable commodity as newly harvested rice is in high demand.

Some village residents own orchards that produce seasonal fruits, while others cultivate vegetables and herbs for their sustenance. The surplus of these products is sold in the Tamu, also known as the traditional market or rural market.

Gison is particularly keen on creating a weekly Tamu near the pavilion. This initiative would provide the villagers with a periodic income and give consumers access to fresh vegetables, livestock, and preserved food. This would be a significant step towards improving the economic prospects of the village.

At present, there are approximately 667 people residing in the village. However, this number increases when individuals working outside the district or the state return home.

Gison is hopeful for the development of the village, especially in terms of tapping into the tourism industry. The village is conveniently located near a main road that leads to popular tourist sites such as Melangkap. Gison envisions creating a market by the road to showcase village produce as part of the tourism product.

Already, some villagers have started creating homestays to cater to tourists. With the upcoming Visit Malaysia year in 2026, the tourism industry is expected to flourish. Gison expressed his hope that the development required for this purpose would be realised in his village.

Gison expressed his gratitude towards Ewon, the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative (MEDC), for giving them the funds to repair their office at the pavilion. This repair work is seen as a positive first step towards the overall development of the village. -ends


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