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RM1 mil allocation through Kota Belud District Officer for third phase development of Tamu Kadamaian

6 January 2023

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA BELUD: A total of RM1 million allocation will be channeled through the Kota Belud District Office this year for the third phase development of Tamu Kadamaian, said Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Minister Datuk Ewon Benedick.

Ewon who is also the Kadamaian assemblyman said the allocation will be used for construction of drains at the Taginambur tamu site, playgrounds, parking lots, installation of solar lights and other developments in the area.

“This is my continuous commitment and responsibility for the Kadamaian people who have given me the mandate as the people’s representative.

“Aside from the development in Kadamaian Square area, I will also double my efforts to fulfil the needs of the Kadamaian people including carrying out various other developments in the area, especially the rural roads that the villagers desperately need,” he said.

He said this in his speech at the Majlis Ramah Mesra Sempena Sambutan Krismas dan Tahun Baharu 2023, at Kadamaian Square Open Hall here, today.

The previous state government has channeled a total of RM2 million for the first and second phase of Tamu Pekan Taginambur.

The first phase development includes the development of Kadamaian Square Hall and provision of various other facilities in the area.

Meanwhile, the second phase development includes the construction of two rest houses with four rooms, a cafeteria, concrete river bank and upgrade of facilities in Kadamaian Square Hall.

Ewon who is also the Penampang said starting next year, he will coordinate the special allocation of Kadamaian assemblyman and continue his commitment to aid church councils in Kadamaian.

“Before this I have channeled an allocation of RM100,000 through the ‘touch point’ to Kadamaian Council of Churches. I will continue the same contribution this year.

“I hope this contribution can help reduce the financial burden of the churches in implementing church development programme,” he said.

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