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Christians in Sabah invited to ‘Hiking and Praying’ programme in Ranau on July 30

23 July 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: St Sebastian’s church of Kg Marakau here is welcoming all Christians in Sabah to join its ‘Hiking and Praying’ programme on July 30 at its parish.

The Rector of St Peter Claver Ranau Parish, Rev Fr Nicholas Stephen said the programme will include a procession for about 3 kilometers from St Sebastian towards the Puncak Kasih Bonda hill.

“Our aim is to raise funds to build a chapel on the hilltop. Our wish is that when this chapel is completed with everyone’s participation, it will make each of us a part of this miracle where when you contribute, you have also made this place a reality.

“In addition to raising funds, this pilgrimage activity can also maintain our physical health and faith. As we make pilgrimages, as we hike, and as we pray the Rosary to the top. After that, when we reach the top, we will celebrate Holy Mass.

Rev Fr Nicholas Stephen

“That is why it is highly recommended that every pilgrim who goes hiking wear long-sleeved pants and if possible, bring a jacket because when we hold Holy Mass at the summit, the weather will be very cold,” he said.

Towards that end, Fr Nicholas called on the people from all over to attend this pilgrimage, and pray together, and he also encouraged all pilgrims who come to prepare themselves by praying for good weather at that time.

Meanwhile, he said, the Puncak Kasih Bonda hill in Marakau was chosen considering that this is the only place among four of the Rosary Mysterium stations where there is no chapel.

He said this pilgrimage and hiking programme will be held for the purpose of raising funds for the construction of a chapel at the top as a stopover for worship.

“On top of this mountain is a very beautiful place, when we are there, we can behold an uninterrupted view of Mount Kinabalu. In addition, we can see the whole of Ranau Town from the peak.

“I chose this place as well because it is so suitable for us to feel the presence of God through the realm of His creation. In this place, we will build a 15 -foot -tall statue, depicting the Virgin Mary lifting the Baby Jesus and presenting Him to the world,” he said.

Fr Nicholas said Mother Mary brings people to Jesus, because during the wedding in Cana when Jesus was invited with His disciples, Mary realised they ran out of wine.

“That is why the mother knows what is lacking in the household, especially to her children who are sick, who have a fever or if they run out of rice or food, the mother knows. Mothers can also bring their scattered children back together.

“Thus, a mother's heart is a very tender and compassionate heart. That is why, when the wine ran out, Mother Mary realised there was no joy and happiness there, and told her son Jesus only with the words ‘they ran out of wine’.

“Jesus answered, 'My time has not yet come.' But Mary called the servants there and said, ‘Do what He tells you,’. Next, Jesus told the servants to fill six jars with water and Jesus turned the water into the best wine until the end of the marriage ceremony,” he said.

For further enquiry, those interested can call Lidwina Peter at 011-262 71801, Dr Gofri Nenghilon at 019-851 2102, Martina Payak at 012-842 5118 or Ielicia Kazin at 017-631 7230 for further informations.


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