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GE15: Sabah must reject BN-UMNO comeback

21 October 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Sabahan must again stand courageously to bring change in the next general election - just as they once did in 2018, said Sabah Democratic Action Party (DAP) State Treasurer Henry Shim.

He said this is so that Malaysia can once again embrace hope, to get back on track, and be relevant on the international stage.

He pointed out that the Malaysian people made a historic decision in the 14th general election in 2018 when they inaugurated a historic reform by overthrowing the 60 years-old Barisan Nasional-UMNO kleptocratic regime - and in so doing, made a huge service for our beloved nation - Malaysia.

He said that although the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government was unfortunately betrayed by the unscrupulous few and stepped down after 22 months in power, all Malaysians should not be discouraged and disappointed with the current election system because PH has pushed for, and indeed passed the anti-job-hopping law with all its might and it is impossible for the same historical mistakes to happen again.

“The DAP has never been a back bencher on national issues nor domestic ones - always fighting for the rights and the best interests of Sabahans.

“One prime example of this spirit is DAP’s ‘Sabah Dream’ plan in the interior of Sabah, when the party brought in water systems into rural areas to improve people's lives.

“Democratic reform is a never-ending road, and the road to reform in Malaysia is fraught with obstacles. Nevertheless, the Malaysian people have stood firm for the past 60 years, making their voices heard and their votes count for the betterment of the country,” he said in a statement.

“Let us therefore, reunite once more in rejecting BN-UMNO and I hope that the people will stand firmly behind Pakatan Harapan to win this battle again!"

Shim said some opportunist faction sell the argument that Sabah must look up to Sarawak's political alliance which he said is basically just dissuading Sabah back its the past era of being "Barisan Nasional's fixed deposit state".

He further explained that in essence, GRS has always been and will always be the loyal allies of the BN, and there are no differences between the two.

“If Sabah were to become like Sarawak, it means we are reverting back to dictatorship, becoming BN's fixed deposit state.

“If it is true, as they say, that PH failed to secure ruling majority, and is defeated by opportunistic parties in Sabah, these opportunists will naturally support BN to form the government as they become the so-called ‘kingmakers’, instead of the people, who should be the true master of the fate of this country."

He also explained that even though PH’s 22 months in power can hardly be deemed as perfect, the bloc has performed better than BN coalition government that tramples on democracy, destroys the rule of law, and exacerbates corruption and racism.

“In just 22 months, PH has introduced many changes and policies to assist the people in Malaysia, including doubling Sabah’s special allocation from RM26 million to RM52 million, institutionalizing the allocation to Chinese primary schools and independent high schools.

“We also initiated UNDI18 to lower the voting age to 18, and implemented the B40 Health Checkup Program (PekaB40).

"I believe that the people felt the changes brought to the country when PH was in power for the 22 months.

“I hope that in the coming general election, the people can once again give PH their trust and a strong mandate, so that it can perform properly for a full five years and launch more policies to benefit Sabah and Malaysia.”


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