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13 July 2021

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: The City Hall (DBKK) announcing yesterday that it will resume its parking coupon system starting today has got into the city residents' nerves for its last-minute decision.

The announcement was made at 6pm yesterday via its official Facebook page, stating that the implementation will take effect the day after.

Some residents expressed agitation under the comment section of DBKK's posting, saying that they are worried of getting fined since they had yet managed to purchase parking coupons.

"Mayor, please tell DBKK staff not to directly issue fines to those who may not know about this. Please be a considerate mayor during this Covid-19 pandemic," said a user under the name Charles Marcellinus.

Another user, Nur Amalina said: "I just wish that DBKK gave a heads up before implementing (the coupon system). It was announced at 6pm and will take effect tomorrow (today). Some people work at 8am and have no coupons in hand ... Hopefully, we manage to go buy the coupons before being fined."

"The announcement is so sudden. Why not announce it earlier so that everyone is well-informed? No concern at all. Pity to those who live at the shop lot and are asked to take unpaid leave due to MCO," said one C-la Josue.

Taki Katsuya commented: "(DBKK) should inform earlier about this, it is chaotic. Some of us are unemployed due to Covid-19, yet you are asking us to pay for the parking tomorrow (today)."

Apart from feeling disarrayed, some of the residents reckoned that such an implementation is unfair as the movement control order (MCO) is still in place.

They reckoned that the coupon parking system should be put off for a little longer since many are either faced with financial problems or job losses, with several users asserting that the parking fee should be waived until the end of July.

Meanwhile, Brian Wong appealed that the DBKK should open its license application department as some new businesses are still unable to open up bank accounts and start their business as their trading licenses are still pending.

"When can the DBKK license application department open? All other areas have already opened (the department) except for DBKK. Parking coupons are resumed but why can't the department open? Hope DBKK will consider opening the license counter to process license applicationa," he said.

In the statement released yesterday, Mayor Noor Awang Alip said the citizens can purchase parking coupons and start checking and making payments for compounds at all DBKK counters and kiosks.

"Those who have bought monthly parking coupons for June are allowed to display their coupons throughout July and no compounds will be imposed.

"For further enquiries, please call the parking management division at 088-270181 / 270182 or through its WhatsApp hotline at 010-56208856. The public can directly also visit our office at KK Plaza," she said.


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