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Liew to help Marina Court residents apply for police hut in wake of disturbances

Photo shows Liew (2nd left) with Chu (right) and Cham (2nd right) displaying the police report, and Lee (left).

18 April 2022

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA KINABALU: Api Api Assemblywoman Datuk Christina Liew will help the residents of Marina Court Api Api Centre to submit an application to Kota Kinabalu City Police Chief for a police pondok to be set up in the vicinity.

This is because a police report was lodged against a group of vehicles and motorcyclists who allegedly created disturbances in the area every night.

Liew accompanied Chu May Kuin @ Jenny Chu and Francis Cham, who represented the affected residents, to make the report at the Karamunsing Police-Station at 2.26pm on Monday afternoon.

She urged the police to put a stop to the group's activities before any tragedy happened, involving themselves or innocent civilians, that could cost them their lives.

According to Liew, up to as many as 500 motorists and motorcyclists would gather at the spot, and this has been going on for more than a year.

"I will follow up with the KK City Police Chief. Hopefully, the police pondok can be manned and operate from 10am to 5am to monitor the situation and prevent any untoward incidents.

"Illegal racers (if any) pose a public nuisance and endanger the lives of road-users. I am concerned for the safety of motorists, pedestrians and other road-users.

"We do not wish to see a repeat of the Johor Incident where eight teenagers on modified bicycles (or basikal lajak) were killed in a road accident at 3am in 2017.

"We also read in the media that two policemen lost their lives in a road accident while pursuing a 'Mat Rempit' in Kajang last year," Liew, who was accompanied by KK resident Jean Lee, said in a statement after the visit to the police-station.

In her report, Chu said owners of vehicles and motorcycles would gather in front of the Marina Court every night. 

"The residents are affected by the noise pollution, resulting from the owners' nightly gathering. Apart from their dangerous speeding, their frequent quarrel and racing have shattered the peace in the area," she said while urging police to take immediate action.


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