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Use Tamu as venues of information dissemination - Jannie Lasimbang

14 January 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

PENAMPANG: Kepayan State Assemblywoman Jannie Lasimbang proposed that Tamu markets in Sabah be used as locations for registration and dissemination of information about the Main Database System (PADU), especially among the elderly and residents in rural areas of the state.

She said Tamu markets are suitable locations for widespread dissemination of information about PADU because Tamu, the traditional market where local communities buy and sell their goods in this state, is a focal point for residents to obtain their daily necessities.

"The elderly often go to Tamu not only to buy necessities but also to socialise and meet their friends. Tamu is a part of our lives in Sabah, so when there is a PADU registration at Tamu, it will be easy for us to assist the elderly in registering.

"Perhaps they don't know how to fill out the registration forms, and the internet connection is not very good in rural areas, so it would be convenient for them to register directly at the Tamu and receive assistance in the registration process," she told reporters here recently.

Meanwhile, she, along with Deputy Director of the Sabah Information Department Supian Musa and officers from the Department of Statistics and Information Department, conducted the announcement and registration of PADU at Tamu Donggongon here, which attracted the attention of many local residents.


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