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Ahmad Zahid launches Kadamaian Development Plan

9 January 2024

By Wartawan Nabalu News

KOTA BELUD: Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi launched the Kadamaian Development Plan in conjunction with the Kadamaian Christmas and New Year 2024 Open House at Dewan Kadamaian Square Taginambur, yesterday.

At the ceremony, Ahmad Zahid who is also the Minister of Rural and Regional Development launched three projects; upgrade the Kadamaian Rural Road (JLB), namely Jalan Tengkurus Lahanas Siba-Lahanas Sokid and Jalan Sayap which are already in the process of implementation and Jalan Podos Taginambur which is in the process of appointing a contractor.

All these projects involve a total cost of RM244 million under the KKDW allocation.

He also launched Digital Desa, an initiative from Bank Rakyat to cultivate a cashless lifestyle among the people and rural entrepreneurs and delivered Early Learning donations from the Bank Rakyat Foundation to a total of 97 students in the Kadamaian area.

Besides that, Ahmad Zahid announced the approval of 40 housing units for the poorest people (PPRT) in the Kadamaian area.

Various events were held in conjunction with the event, including the Cooperative Civil Sale offering lower prices of daily necessities than normal prices in the market and the exhibition of 10 agencies under the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development (MEDC).

When speaking at the ceremony, Ahmad Zahid said that despite different views and political interests, the interests of the people should be prioritized.

"It is in this situation that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim prioritises that political stability be maintained, because ultimately this political stability will go towards the development of the country which will result into investment from outside the country.

"Investment in the state reduces unemployment, inflation rate, stabilises the price of goods and the most important thing is that the people should be prosperous.

"This is the purpose when we make promises, we must stick to our promises. When we make an agreement among ourselves, especially the leadership of parties that are members of component parties at the state or central level, we must stick to our promises.

"We don't want when the Federal consultation is obtained but the implementation is done differently to protect the interests of certain groups only," he said.

In this regard, Ahmad Zahid said, " that is why I appreciate the stance and attitude of Datuk Ewon Benedick, a young leader of a political party in Sabah who gives priority to the people and respects the differences among the people he represents".

He said, cooperation like this should continue to be strengthened to bring prosperity to the people.

Meanwhile, Datuk Ewon Benedick, the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Development who Kadamaian Assemblyman said that the Kadamaian Development Plan 2020 - 2035 was a documentation of the aspirations of the people of Kadamaian produced through a six-month field study by the Sabah Institute for Development Studies (IDS). and Kadamaian assemblyman's office in 2018.

"The Kadamaian Development Master Plan is a government document and a guide to all ministries, agencies and government departments to bring more rapid and systematic development in the Kadamaian area.

"This is my vision to develop Kadamaian based on two main economic sectors, namely agriculture and tourism as well as the provision or upgrading of basic infrastructure facilities and the field of rural entrepreneurship," he said.

Ewon said that work to upgrade two roads in the Kadamaian countryside, namely Jalan Tengkurus-Lahanas and Jalan Sayap-Mansulit, was currently being implemented, while Jalan Tambulaung-Podos was currently in the process of appointing a contractor.

He said, the Kg. Kaung Ulu concrete bridge project was also in the process of appointing a contractor.

"The same goes for Mandap-Doluoh-Kinasaraban Road. The implementation of this road upgrading project highlights the success of the Kadamaian Development Plan.

"I am confident that when it is completed, it will change the landscape of the economic activities of the people of Kadamaian, known for its eco-tourism enterprises in addition to agricultural activities," he said.

Also, present during the event were Sabah Industrial Development and Entrepreneurship Minister Datuk Phoong Jin Zhe, Secretary General of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives Development Dato Sri Suriani Dato Ahmad, Assemblyman Datuk Seri Salleh Tun Said, heads of state and federal government departments and agencies as well as state leaders.


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