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Updated: Feb 2


13 OCTOBER 2020

LABUAN: Oil and gas logistics hub, Asian Supply Base Sdn Bhd (ASB) is driven by its commercial and operational excellence despite the slowing down of the sector globally.

The government-linked company (GLC) which is wholly-owned by Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn Bhd (SEC), has outlined several key focus areas to ensure it remains economically sustainable.

ASB chief executive officer Noor Halim Datuk Zaini said the implementation of good governance would be one of the main pillars of the company’s business transaction.

“I will continue the excellent legacy of my predecessor and with the esprit de corps among the top management and staff, we will ensure ASB continues to be among the outstanding fully integrated logistics hub for the oil and gas industry in the region,” he told a press conference here, yesterday.

Prior to his appointment in the middle of this year, Noor Halim was attached with Sarawak Shell Berhad; Baker Hughes Inteq (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd; Halliburton Energy Service (Malaysia); and Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East.

“We will emphasise the implementation of best corporate governance practices, adapting lean operations, and increase productivity and efficiency.

“We will be prioritising digital transformation in all departments, enhancing the existing system, and adding more value to existing services,” he said.

He said ASB also strived to enhance its business model to become the best solution provider for various sizes of clients besides tapping into oil and gas upstream and downstream activities, focusing on Sabah waters.

“The ASB is also vying for joint venture investment opportunities with GLCs in Sabah and private companies.

“To remain sustainable, ASB will be diversifying the present core business into various potential new fields like optimising the capacity of our facilities (leasing of warehouse and industrial land) into palm oil and rubber sectors,” he said.

ASB currently provides core services to major oil companies in the region, namely leasing facilities such as warehouses, workshops, and open yard; terminal and port facilities; material handling equipment and manpower services; maritime services; and auxiliary services and security measures.

“We will organise engagement programmes to have ASB’s clients share their inputs to better improve the facilities and services,” Noor Halim added.

A total of 95 registered companies (79 are non-Petroleum Arrangement Contractors, the remaining 16 are Petroleum Arrangement Contractors) are currently operating in ASB.

Meanwhile, Noor Halim said despite the uncertainty and volatility of the oil and gas sector globally, the salary of ASB’s more than 1,200 employees remained unaffected.