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Broiler chicken farm gets start-up financing

21 April 2024

Nabalu News Journalist

PAPAR: The Broiler Chicken farm managed by a cooperative called Koperasi Kinabalu Lestari Berhad or Kokina in Kg Mook Kinarut is about to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with the support of RM100,000 in start-up financing.

This significant boost was announced by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative, Datuk Ewon Benedick, during his visit to the farm.

In addition to the initial funding, Ewon highlighted the availability of a revolving fund that can cater to the cooperative's specific needs. The amount allocated from this fund will depend on the requirements of the cooperative, ensuring that Kokina has access to the necessary resources to thrive.

The cooperative, registered in May 2023, has the opportunity to explore other financing options to further supplement their growth Ewon said as he emphasized the existence of various schemes for entrepreneurs, all of which are readily accessible under the Ministry's umbrella.

“Typically, the government provides initial support to cooperatives as they are getting started. In order for the operation to thrive, it is crucial to have incentives, a strong sense of purpose, and a well-thought-out plan.”

“We strive to inspire individuals to establish cooperatives by offering them a swift and efficient programme. Our aim is to move beyond mere discussions about cooperative dreams and actively foster a culture of cooperative development through our dedicated programme,” he shared, adding that Kokina’s 41 cooperative members’ enthusiasm is a motivation for his Ministry.

“Nationwide, there are 1001 registered cooperatives, with 91 of them hailing specifically from Sabah, this impressive number fills us with great pride, as it demonstrates the growing interest and commitment towards the cooperative movement,” he said.

He also mentioned that he had visited a chicken farm managed by a cooperative in Melaka and they had supported this farm by presenting them with a lorry.

On another note, he said RM2 million has been allocated to cooperatives in the tourism sector.

Also present during the event were Datuk Haji Zamri Salleh Deputy Secretary General (Entrepreneurship Development) MEDC and Datuk Wong Thein Fook Cooperative Commission of Malaysia (SKM) board member, Dennison Indang, Chairman of Kokina as well as notables from the cooperatives and with the visiting Minister.


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