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CKS make it's presence felt in Johore

25 June 2024

JOHOR BAHRU: Chua Kah Seng Supermarket (CKS) from Penampang, now has a presence in Johor and aims to open more branches in other states.

Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Datuk Ewon Benedick, who visited the CKS premises located here, expressed his pride that the Sabah-based CKS Supermarket has successfully expanded its branches to Peninsular Malaysia.

"During my one-day working visit here, I took the time to visit the CKS Supermarket outlet and was briefed by CKS Managing Director Ivan Chua on the company's business expansion plans.

"The CKS supermarket chain from Penampang now has 26 branches in Johor," he said after the visit yesterday.

Earlier, Ewon officiated the One District One Industry (SDSI) Showcase Programme for the Southern Region and the Advanced Entrepreneurship Festival Johor 2024 at Angsana JB Mall.

He then visited and inaugurated Haos Ek? Beverage Factory, a product brand managed by Nordianis Permin, a Tekun Nasional entrepreneur.


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