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1 NOV 2020

TAWAU: The issue over supply of food and necessities raised by the residents of Taman Semarak following the enforcement of the Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) has been resolved.

Tawau Disaster Operations Control Centre (PKOB) committee member Joseph Pang said the food baskets have been distributed since Friday and the residents were allowed to shop at the nearby shops.

"They are allowed to go to the nearby shops and until today we are still distributing the food baskets,” he told Bernama. Earlier the row of shops near Taman Semarak did not come under the EMCO restricted zone.

A government retiree who lives in the housing area, Dg Sarbanun Abd Latif, 63, said he was thankful problems over the food baskets have been resolved as the residents were in need of food and other necessities.

"Most of the people in Taman Semarak had run out of food by the fourth day of the EMCO so the PKOB’s decision in allowing residents to go the nearby shops was a relief," he said. For a housewife, Sarimah Trang, 57, the swift action taken to solve the people's problems showed the local authorities and state government’s concern for the people.

"The authorities gave us their cooperation and we received the food basket aid yesterday," she said.

Former bank officer Ahmad Dullah, 52, said the residents could not make earlier preparations to store food and other necessities soon after they were informed that the  EMCO would be implemented as many had not received their salary. 

“As such the food basket aid was very much needed. We are grateful as the aid was a timely gift for us,” he said.

Last Thursday, the residents of Taman Semarak held a peaceful protest as they appealed to the authorities to have some flexibility in implementing the EMCO in the area from Oct 26 to Nov 8. - Bernama

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